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QR Codes for leaflet distribution: are they awesome or awful?

The advertising world, not to mention the public, is very divided on the subject of QR codes.

You may have seen them on bus stop ads and in magazines, they are basically bar codes that when scanned with the camera of a smart phone using a special app will automatically open a related web page.

So far so good – anything that makes advertising more interactive for the consumer is a good thing, right? Well, not exactly.

The problem is that the industry got so excited about the concept of interacting with print adverts that they didn't always think through the various stages of their campaigns properly, resulting in some awful follow-up pages.

As a result, the codes have also been tainted in the eyes of some consumers as well, who consequently see no value in them.

Problems come when QR codes are used without thought, resulting in the user either being directed to a non-mobile-friendly website, or to a page telling them exactly the same information as the advert.

But when used correctly, they can have massive impact. I have been using QR codes here at Sure2Door for our leaflet distribution clients for a couple of years now and I love them – they are a great way to combine offline and online effectively. And they can be a great tool in taking the user one step further down the buying funnel and closer to an end purchase.

Driving customers to a special offers page or a voucher code to redeem in store is a fantastic way to measure integration versus redemption rate for a leaflet distribution campaign. It also allows you to compare the return rate from leaflets distributed in different regions effectively.

Information such as this is invaluable to help you fine tune future leaflet distribution campaigns. If 300 people downloaded the voucher but only a handful redeemed it, then the leaflet was a success but there was an issue with either the offer itself or the demographic of residents that received it.

Using this information means you can confidently adapt your offering and garner even more success from your next campaign.