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Marketing on the outskirts. Peripheral marketing explained.

Peripheral – [puh-rif-er-uh l], adjective, concerned with relatively minor, irrelevant or superficial aspects of the subject in question (Dictionary.com)

Peripheral marketing does not mean it’s irrelevant or less important, as you might be tempted to think if you took the term literally. Peripheral marketing is less obvious, less intrusive. It’s subtle. In an age when we are more or less bombarded with flashing adverts, peripheral marketing speaks to you from the background, from the periphery of our lives. You might not be entirely persuaded to buy a product that is constantly advertised on TV, but when you see a famous person you admire wearing, using or saying something about the brand, you want to have it too.


Sponsorship is probably what first crosses your mind once you know what peripheral marketing is. Sponsorship is a great way of earning much-desired clients’ trust, especially when you support a charity. By doing so you can appeal to people with the same values with cases that are close to their hearts. Having your logo on banners during an event and not actually promoting a particular product can really help you to achieve your goals, often more so than paying for event-specific advertising.

Product placement

Product placement is the subtle exposition of your logo or actual product in films or TV shows. It is quite a popular and eye-catching technique used by many companies. Just think of the car that 007 drives, and the drink he usually has. It is a solid, tried and tested way of getting your name out to a wider audience. When utilised skillfully, this technique can cost next to nothing.

Celebrity endorsement

This is claimed to be one of the oldest peripheral marketing methods. Celebrities, film stars and sportsmen don’t even need to specifically talk about a brand or product, it is enough to be seen using or wearing it. Keen fans will always research the water they drink, the jewelry and clothes they wear etc., and will make every effort to buy exactly the same items.

Peripheral marketing may not have an immediate or obvious influence on your sales; however, in the long run it is a strategy well worth considering. With customers becoming more and more conscious of quality and added value, resentment of intrusive marketing methods has grown in recent times. We no longer want the best, the cheapest, the fastest and so on, we want products that will make us feel special, products that we can relate to emotionally. Peripheral marketing allows customers to make their own decisions when choosing a service or product, as it’s based on subtle marketing whispers, not loud shouting adverts.