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Unique Delivery System

Here at Sure2Door we know that reliability and returns are the key elements of any successful leaflet distribution campaign, so we use a Unique Delivery System that sets us apart from our competitors and helps you get a step ahead too.

We have worked to make leaflet distribution an effective marketing tool for businesses and organisations of all sizes and over time have gained huge insights into what works and what doesn’t.

This experience has been put to good use in developing our Unique Delivery System, which is based on 4 key points that make sure you get the best returns on your leaflet distribution.

1 – Our leaflet distribution team: Every leaflet distributor we hire is fully employed by us and paid a fair wage.

2 – GPS Tracking: Every leaflet we distribute is tracked every step of the way to ensure it reaches its destination on time, every time.

3 – Full distribution reports: You can view the progress of your distribution campaign at any time using our online software. This level of transparency means you can really trust us to deliver.

4 – Our Prove It Guarantee: In the unlikely event we are unable to prove that your leaflets were distributed on time and to the correct locations, we will refund you for the missed distribution, re-print the leaflets and re-distribute them free of charge.

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