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GPS Tracking

Our unique GPS-tracked leaflet distribution service guarantees that every single leaflet will be delivered on time and to the correct location – and we can prove it every step of the way.

Other leaflet distribution companies rely on contacting a sample of residents by phone or visiting the area to check promotional materials have been delivered, but this is imprecise at best and misleading at worst.

We know that advertisers need to have confidence they are spending their money wisely, and so have developed a unique GPS tracking service for our leaflet distribution campaigns.

Our GPS trackers work by taking a reading of the delivery person’s location every two seconds.

This information is downloaded into our unique e-delivery software, which checks to ensure that your leaflet distribution has been completed 100 per cent successfully, with every single property covered.

The full GPS data is made available for you to view in a report designed to give you full confidence in our service

– see two examples below.

Choose Sure2Door for full peace of mind that your leaflets are delivered 100 per cent as required.

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