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Is sending out letters really working? Direct Marketing in brief.

Direct mail is about making direct contact with potential clients, and the answer to the title question is: YES! Just think about your own letterbox; it’s not full only of requests from charities to sponsor them, right? In the B2B world, direct mail is still considered one of the most powerful marketing campaign tools, and one that successful companies use to their huge advantage. The main advantages of direct mail are that it is perfectly targeted, as you have full control over who receives what material and, most importantly, it is very cost-effective.


Direct mail is highly targeted. It allows you to carefully pick and choose prospective customers based on a variety of factors, such as demographics (age, position, sex), geographic location (local, within 100 mile radius, county) and company size (number of employees, turnover). Whatever product or service you are offering, direct marketing enables you to directly communicate with only those people who will find your offering most suitable for them, and thus are more likely to become clients. In short, the more targeted your message, the better the response.

Full control

Once you have identified your audience, it is entirely up to you as to what you put into the envelope. If you are an event organiser, you will most likely know already what materials will be most appealing to, say, a business association organising an anniversary gala, or a nursery looking for unique birthday parties and so on. Bearing in mind your prospective clients, even if there are just a handful of them, makes it so much easier to personalise your posted brochure. Not to mention that full control over the content simplifies the process of following up your direct mail activities. A phone call conversation can often help get more to the point than discussing the whole offering at length.


Most entrepreneurs reach for the calculator when they are offered a direct mail opportunity. Their first thought is usually, “It’s going to cost an arm and a leg to post 450 A5 letters, each weighing 25 grams.” But if you’re savvy and do a bit of shopping around, you can likely find a very good deal. Bulk mail products actually work out relatively cheap, particularly if you establish a regular, long-term relationship with a direct mail service provider. Surprisingly enough, the printing cost often turns out to be more expensive than the actual posting of the aforementioned 450 letters.

Direct marketing is a great tool that can help you market your business, gain new clients and increase turnover. It’s targeted, personalised and cost-effective. It is also easy to analyse and tweak your campaign so that it meets its full potential for helping you and your business. So, next time you’re thinking about or looking for new marketing strategies, bear in mind that sending out a letter can raise more interest than any other advertising campaign method.