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Ever look at your own advertising as if you were the customer?

Businesses often make the mistake of thinking they just simply have to get their message in front of customers and the orders will come rolling in.

That's just not the case, unfortunately – can you honestly say you would pay attention to a leaflet, website or billboard that was messy, cluttered, and didn't show you the benefit  of the service it was offering immediately? Or, worse, made the business look amateurish or unprofessional?

Of course not – so why would your customer?

Clearly demonstrating what benefits you offer to a customer that your competitors don't is the key to successful advertising.

So how do you do this? Consistent branding is important to establish customer trust and increase recognition when they see your products again. Use colours that are consistent with your website and existing materials, as well as other customer-facing space such as shop fronts and product packaging. This builds a professional image, as well as identifying you as the local expert in what you do.

Strong headlines are important too, to signpost to the customer right at the top of the advert what you do and how you do it. This is a great start to getting your message across effectively and can be enhanced by using the right image. Images can be incredibly powerful as well as removing the need for lots of boring text that may not get read and, in the worst case scenario, switch the reader off from finishing the advert. Great images of your product can do more than words to draw readers to your ad, so bear this in mind.

Underlying all of the above detail is the key need to keep your marketing material simple. Don't try and explain the fine detail of your product or service there and then, rather sell the benefits and leave your potential customers wanting to know more.

The design of your marketing material is your first opportunity to show potential customers just how good you are at what you do – so let us help you get it right.