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Case Study - Ovenclean

'A £30 spend can net me work worth £1200'

Roger Butcher runs the Milton Keynes franchise of domestic oven-cleaning operation Ovenclean

The brief

Roger came to Sure2Door as a new start-up looking to build up business in his designated areas. He tried leafleting on his own, recognising this was a good way to find new clients, but found it too time-consuming alongside oven cleaning. Enter Sure2Door, who offered to print and distribute his leaflets at a price he found appealing

Roger said: “Leaflet distribution has always been the classic great mode of advertising for us, getting into customers' houses and in front of potential customers. It was recommended by our franchise.

“I chose Sure2Door on a cost comparison initially, as I had just started my business and needed to keep control of costs, but first one went so well I decided to keep the relationship going, and it has always been a good one.

Benefits of branding

“I now run a campaign once a month, on a schedule. I have certain areas in and around MK which I have to market to, I give those details to Sure2Door and they would work out a schedule and an appropriate amount of leaflets, then print them and get them out for me.”


“Our response rate is normally in the region of 10-20 jobs per 1000 leaflets, the average job is £50-60 pounds, and it costs about £30 per thousand, which is the sort of positive return I'd hoped for. It's also consistent, not just a one-off.”

Working with Sure2Door

The positives of working with Sure2Door, aside from cost, are you're always there at the end of the phone, you've been able to help me develop my business, and a friendly staff who are always there to help.

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