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Case Study - Capelli Hair and Beauty Salon

“You know your business and we know our business, and together we've really achieved and had a fantastic campaign.”

Ben and Mike Morling recently took over Stony Stratford-based Capelli Hair and Beauty salon, which fuses modern styling and creative flair with attention to detail, and decided a direct mail campaign was the best way to attract new clients and boost revenues.

The brief

The father and son team recognised that the salon was under-utilised and had massive potential for growth, but needed to reach a wider audience than just their current customers. Crucially, they needed a cost-effective way to target likely clients in a ten-mile radius, and looked to Sure2Door after a successful previous campaign for another of their businesses.


They talked to us about why a Sure2Door leaflet distribution campaign was exactly what they needed.

Benefits of direct marketing

“Direct marketing is something we'd used before and we appreciate the power of leaflets in hands.

“We wanted to increase our volumes and be able to focus on specific groups of people, which is really important for us as people aren't going to travel forty miles for a haircut.

“We could have had an insert in a magazine or the Citizen, but we wanted something cost effective and using Sure2Door was the best way to achieve that.

“The campaign we ran this year has gone extremely well. We had 15,000 leaflets delivered within a ten-mile radius, and we've had over 150 back, which to us is very good.

“The other major benefit of the campaign has been brand awareness - people know you're there where they didn't before. We might not get an immediate sale, but this helps us to create a new brand and awareness, which is as important in some ways as sales.”



“People are still bringing the leaflets in now, which means they're being retained. We've also put it in the special offers section of our website, which we wouldn't have been able to do without the campaign. But mostly people are bringing the leaflets in, up to 20 a week with an average sale of £25-30.

“Women are very loyal to their hairdressers and every customer you bring to us who stays might come 6-8 times a year, paying £30 a visit. That's a big Return on Investment for our campaign.

“It's been so good that we're backing it up with another campaign in the same areas.”

Working with Sure2Door

“You know your business and we know our business, and together we've really achieved and had a fantastic campaign.

“Dealing with you has been very easy, which is great, you were very helpful and the cost is excellent, the printing is great and the quality is good.

“There was no hard sell, because I knew roughly what I wanted, but you put your own knowledge and experience into it.

“In our business we need repeat customers, not one-hit wonders – it's about building relationships, and you understood that.

“You targeted the right people with the right message at the right time.”

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