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Case Study - Hyodokan – not-for-profit karate and self defense club


Neil wanted a local, targeted leaflet campaign that provided a good amount of information in order to advertise his business specifically, rather than martial arts in general.

“For me, I need them to read it.”

Neil’s company is local and not-for profit karate and self-defense club and so he needed a campaign that would deliver results whilst suiting a smaller scale and budget.

One of Neil’s key requirements was the ability to target a specific demographic; he wanted to attract long-term, committed and serious customers, rather than one off visitors.

“I need people to come along who are committed to the idea.”

“I want people who then do it for 20 years.”

This case study will demonstrate how Sure2Door was able to produce a tailored leaflet campaign that gave Neil exactly what he was looking for: new clients who were serious about martial arts.

Benefit of Leaflet Distribution Campaign

In the past, Neil had used different marketing methods, such as radio and print media, which had failed to attract the types of clients he was looking for as they didn’t provide enough information about his club’s unique training style, his USP.

“What I know is that most of those don’t work; they just generally advertise martial arts, so everybody who does martial arts gets a bit of a bonus, but it’s nothing specific.”

He also didn’t want to attract any and all potential clients, who were just generally interested in martial arts.

“The reasons leaflets are good are because people who I want to bring in are people who are going to stay, who are going to be interested in committing to what we do.”

“It’s got to be something where they’ll bother to look at it and think, ‘Yes, I’ll be interested in that’, and then have that in their hand for a while, and then still have it and turn up.”


For the past few years now Sure2Door have helped to bring new clients to Neil, giving him a return on his leaflets that he is happy with, but more than that, his campaigns have brought him the type of clients that he really wants:

“Leaflets seem to bring me the right people, that’s why I keep using them”

“If I run a leaflet campaign I don’t get huge numbers coming to a new starters group. I get a handful, 10-12 who will come, but of those, virtually all of them will stay, and that’s what I want.”

“I know now – because I’ve done this half a dozen times with you – that the people I get who come along, generally stay.”

As a result, Neil exclusively uses his Sure2Door leaflet distribution campaign to market his business in the local area.

Through trial and error, Neil has discovered how to get an ideal, personalised service from Sure2Door. He describes how the ability to tailor the size and frequency of the campaigns helps to ensure customers get the best service for them:

“I should do something twice a year, I can get away with doing something once a year. If I wait two years, then that’s too long.”

“For me, single delivery is better than multiple delivery, for what I want, but if I was running something that people would easily recognise, then multiple delivery would be fine.”

Working with Sure2Door

“I called, and we kind of hit it off straight away, so the customer service part was good.”

“The service from Sure2Door is great. You’re always very flexible.”

“It is helpful knowing that you are on my side, and not just commoditising me.”


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