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Case Study - Supershoes

“I'm really, really grateful for your support – it's been a refreshing experience.”

Supershes is a not-for-profit organisation set up to benefit seriously-ill and severely-disabled children in the UK. They support these children by giving them a personalised pair of Converse trainers, painted by an artist. Sarah from the charity explains more.

ss 1The brief

Sarah came to Sure2Door when Supershoes was just a start-up, looking for help with branding and exposure.

“We came to you in the early days, at pair number 10 (we're at nearly 100 now) with a name and told you what we did. We didn't have any idea about branding or what that could look like or how to position it, because we didn't have any idea of working in the charity sector. We didn't know how we could appeal to who we're trying to reach, or who wants to sponsor us, which is what pays for the shoes.

“It's of vital importance that we get our message across in our brand of what we want to achieve.”

Benefits of branding

“Our logo was the first thing we did and it was absolutely brilliant. Adam came up with the initial concept design that we ss3loved, he took into consideration everything we asked for. We definitely wanted a picture of a shoe, and were trying to convey the message that we paint shoes and also to include our name on the logo.

“From day one there wasn't very much that we wanted to change, just little tweaks and Adam really listened to what I was saying to him and created that and nothing was too much trouble.

“Our website was the next project – it needed to be multi user. We wanted to gain sponsorship, for people to be able to refer children as an individual or from a hospital or hospice, and for people to come along and volunteer and help out - it was a website that had to do a lot of things, and have everything we needed in one place.

“We are a very visual product and wanted to be able to show that off and show what we do. It's been live a couple of months and has really helped us to increase our sponsorship.”


“It's made a tremendous difference having a website – our old system caused quite a lot of problems but now when we get an enquiry we can signpost to our wonderful website. It has shortened the admin in the office as well.

“It's given us a seriousness, you need the website to be able to point businesses to especially, when we've had enquiries saying 'How can we help?'


Working with Sure2Door

“It's been a brilliant all-round experience and it's so lovely to be listened to. I've held this vision in my head of what Supershoes would look like, the brand, and for Adam to take that and then show me what it is based on a few small conversations has been impressive.

“Customer service has been phenomenal, from the response times and coming back to me that has all happened very quickly and has made me feel I'm high up on the priority list, unlike with some businesses.”

Future plans

“What we'd now like to do is take Supershoes into hospital settings. We have a team of over 50 volunteer artists and would very much like to be able to take them into hospitals, in oncology words, and let children forget why they're there and have some fun.

“A big way into hospitals is to say who we are, and we want to create a colouring book that we can donate and also sell elsewhere to raise funds, and we want to work with Sure2Door on that.”


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